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In Memory

Paul Maira

In Loving Memory of

Paul D. Maira

1956 - 2022

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08/04/22 05:47 PM #1    

Paul Bogaski

RIP Paul 


08/04/22 06:07 PM #2    

Tom Makauskas

You and your family will always be in my thoughts and prayers  SPANKY. We had plenty of laughs on our hunting trips up North and our bus trips downtown around the holiday seasons. Gods speed and Rest In Peace my brother from another mother.

08/05/22 03:04 PM #3    

John Baccari

Spanky was one of a kind. He  always had  a smile on his face and never seem stressed out over things . It was always happy to talk to you. He also served as the door man for the Baccari keg parties on the 1970's. He (tried) to collect $1 from everyone as they came into my parents house. He definitely didn't like the Bishop Kearney kids and gave them extra scrutiny before he let them go downstairs... lol.. God bless Paul Maira. I will miss him.

08/05/22 08:17 PM #4    

Tom Makauskas

To funny John B,

I was tring to remember where the keg parties were held, TKS for refreshing my memory about the front door......

Early 90's I was home on R@R and traveling down Thomas Ave on my way to the pier when a truck came barreling off of Eaton RD and got within feet of my rear bumper. So I decided to pull over and say something to the truck driver...WRONG...Only good thing that came out of it was that it was Spanky behind the wheel of the trucklaugh...We went and had a few beers and LOL to go along with it. 

RIP Paul.




08/07/22 09:57 AM #5    

Steve Olesiuk

Good Story Tom. Here's another from childhood...apologies to those that have already seen it on Mike L's FB page. The star of our little league team - I'll withhold the name to protect the guilty - decided to try to stretch a double in to a triple. The ball arrived in Paul's glove at third when our guy was about 3/4 the way there, so he decided to run over Paul and knock the ball out of his glove. Bad idea. Very bad idea. He missed the rest of the season with 2 or 3 broken ribs and a concussion. Paul didn't move an inch.

RIP Paul

08/08/22 06:21 AM #6    

Mike Lodato

Here's my Spanky story. In maybe 7th grade, playing hockey on Billy Bollin's back yard ice rink. I was a goalie and Spanky comes skating in with no defense on him, winds up and with all of his substance, smashes the puck right into my eye. It knocked me right into a snowbank on my ass, but the puck bounced away averting a goal. After finishing the game, I went home to Sunday dinner with a nice shiner that shocked my mom and made my dad laugh!

08/08/22 12:21 PM #7    

Tom Makauskas

My last visit with Spanky, I wasn't about to challenge him when he exited his vehicle my first thought was OH NO DEAR GOD, I AM GONNA HAVE TO CALL IN AN AIR STRIKE to stop this guy. But when he said" Hi Tom"...what a relief cause he probably had 200lbs on me back then and I was happy to know we were friends.


For those who remember Rory Whipple, I ran into him earlier this year and nice to know info he mentioned ...Mr Lisi was doing good and now in his mid nineties.  Plenty of good atheletes/wrestlers came out of our school. Rory was still doing good, coaching wrestlers in Fla, the last I heard. 







08/16/22 11:05 AM #8    

Kathy Gurnett (Brown)

RIP Paul, another classmate taken too soon

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