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07/08/10 10:03 AM #1    

Bob Ventura



I remember the movie class and we made a claymation movie.  I believe I was with Rosemary Oliveri and possibly Paul Auburn.  I hope all is well.  Sorry I can't make the 35th.  Work is crazy.  I will be at the 40th.  Take care,



07/16/10 05:08 PM #2    

John Baccari

Good memory, Bob. Glad you are still out there!   I have some trivia. I was at the hospital (in Rochester) last summer waiting for my dad to get out of surgery. I am sitting in the waiting room next to an older gentlemen. I started talking to him just about why he was there, etc etc.. Anyway, after a few minutes, I asked him what he did for work (when he did work, of course). He said he was a teacher in the West Irondequoit school system and a football coach for IHS (JV).. It was Mr Kraulus... He was about 72 or 73 but still looked like himself (just a little heavier). I believe he was a teacher at Dake ( I think). He also told me that Mr Lynd passed away a couple of years ago as did Mr Burroughs.

07/19/10 10:27 AM #3    

Patty Hinton (Markus)

To the Reunion Committee,

Thanks for all your hard work. The reunion was a great success and it was great catching up with everyone. You guys deserve to be tired so rest and know we all really appreciate you efforts.

Patty Hinton Markus

07/19/10 09:31 PM #4    


Beth Gaylord (Borelli)

A message from Wes
Wes VanKeuren July 19 at 9:17pm
Nice get together. Beautiful evening. I enjoyed seeing the few I've recognized. Good idea with the buttons. I took the guess work element out of wasting time. Thanks for the time you've donated to make this something my family and I won't forget. Please relay my message to those who participated. wes

07/20/10 09:54 AM #5    


Nancy Adams

Yes, Beth, I'm worn out!  Home now trying to organize life after being away for 10 days...the reunion was a great way to end the vacation!  Thanks again for everything.  I just wish I had said hello to everyone..felt like I missed a lot of people even though I don't think I have talked so much to so many in such a brief evening!!!  Patty, sorry I didn't run into you there! Wish I could've made the Fri night or Sun events too, but glad I at least made it to Sat night.  Great job everyone.


07/20/10 10:37 AM #6    


Beth Gaylord (Borelli)

Hey Nance, good times! I am still trying to come to! I had such a sore throat Sat night from talking and laughing so much! Once I catch up on "work"...my inbox is overflowing, I will write a message to everyone to wrap up the weekend etc.

I talked to Gary Spampinato at the reunion...and we were remembering summer playgrounds at Listwood and the intense 4 square games we used to play! Anyone remember that? Those were the days...boondoggle and the craft card. Ha!


07/21/10 01:58 PM #7    


Patti Ward (Wargo)

The reunion was awesome.  A HUGE THANK YOU  to everyone on the reunion committee that planned, organized, reserved, made buttons, set up the webpage,  communicated with everyone, etc etc, and picked such great events!!!!!!!! Wish I could have made more than just Saturday night, but I was so impressed with the turnout and had a blast catching up with classmates I had not seen since graduation. The turnout was sooooo great, that I know I missed getting to talk to many of the attendees. I will just have to make it back for 40 and plan on being at every event :)


Patti Wargo

07/26/10 09:28 AM #8    


Bambi Kleehamer

 We really have a great class....it was so great to see everyone....I just wish that I had more time to talk with everyone.  Even so, everyone looked great...we really have aged nicely. I can't wait until the 40th!  "The committee" has gotten so much praise for organizing the reunion, etc.  Yes, we did the organizing part, however, our classmates should get some of the credit...you guys all came to the reunion from near and far.  All of our planning wouldn't have worked had you not shown up...so you should get a big THANK YOU also!!!!  Hope to see you all soon, keep visiting the website!!! Bambi

08/03/10 11:20 PM #9    

Donald Wallenhorst

EDAG!!!!  I found this website, when I googled my name.  A head hunter suggested I google myself as there is another DONALD J WALLENHORST living in the US. This gentleman lives in Cuba City, WI.  Go figure!!!!!!!!!

I found this to be a terrific walk down memory lane.  Where has 35 years gone????????? 

I was sad to uncover the number of classmates who have passed away.  Equally I was amazed to discover that some of our classmates are grandparents.  We cannot be that old!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 years till our 40th.  Hopefully I haven't moved, if I do move, hopefully I'll remember to update my profile.

Thanks and stay well

08/10/10 10:41 AM #10    

Bob Ventura

John Baccari

Great to hear from you.  Hope you are doing well!  Thanks for those memories of Coach-not my favorite guy but still think back to each August and fresh cut grass and two a days in the heat in full pads.  Kenny Chesney sings a song about the boys of fall and it always gets me thinking about those days on the gridiron.  Sounds like you still live in Rochester.  i will try and get up with you when I visit home.  Mom and Dad still have the Dutch Mill restaurant on Dewey.  Take care and write me when you can or call.  704-998-9249.



11/06/10 11:35 PM #11    


Beth Gaylord (Borelli)

We are planning a holiday get together at Murph's Pub in Irondequoit on Saturday 11/27/10 at 7pm. Is anyone planning on coming?

11/15/10 02:10 PM #12    


Sharon Keating (Heiligman)

I wouldn't miss another chance to see my IHS friends! Please drop by, even for an hour to say hi. There was interest among many classmates to have these informal gatherings a few times a year. We planned this date for those that may not live in Rochester, but be in town visiting family for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to the 27th!!!


11/15/10 07:12 PM #13    


David Levine

Beth, Sharon, Bambi, Mark, etc & all;

Thanks for organizing these events.  I won't be in town for the holiday but I have been wanting to thank everyone involved for the reunion in July.  What a blast!  I will raise my glass in toast to my classmates.  Have a wonderful  and safe holiday.  See you at the next event (please make one).    

Dave Levine

11/15/10 09:09 PM #14    


Beth Gaylord (Borelli)

Hi, just heard from Jeremy Tuke that he can make it to Murph's. Also, from Facebook I know that Marc Wasserman, Elaine Hetrick Kruppenbacher and Janet Marzec Graves are planning on showing up. Yeah!

11/19/10 11:50 PM #15    


Beth Gaylord (Borelli)

Hi, our first official "flash reunion" was held at O'loughlin's on Thursday Nov 18th 2010 5pm at O'loughlins. Paul Stornelli was in town. Check out the USER FORUMS section of this website (on the top heading between IHS Classmates and Contact Us) to see who attended! 

11/23/10 11:30 AM #16    


Beth Gaylord (Borelli)

The last couple of times that I clicked on USER FORUMS (top of page) all I got was 2 indians on an orange background. For some reason it is very slow to bring up the postings....if this happens to you...give it a couple of minutes and it eventually appears.

12/04/10 07:01 PM #17    


David Levine


It would be awesome having an annual get together. How about adding Dinosaur BBQ oohhh...yum?!  Anne Meisenzahl if you are out there.  I am glad you are not deceased.  Having said that, sorry to hear about your sis.  I am glad I had you as my lab partner in Biology.  You got me through the regents course!  I let you dissect the frog too!

Dave Levine


12/08/10 11:54 PM #18    


Beth Gaylord (Borelli)

Dave, I think an anuual reunion would be fun as well. Barry Weinstein suggested we call it "indian summer" I think that is a great name for the annual summer reunion. We can put the # of the year of the reunion after it....indian summer 36. Beth

07/24/15 08:16 AM #19    

Cynthia Burks (Olson)

Thank you, Beth and team, for so much effort and communication in anticipation of the reunion!  BBQ buffet sounds fun...and guessing that dress is casual?

07/25/15 08:29 AM #20    


Stuart Chait

Cynthia - Good to see you last night. Yes, dress today is casual. 

11/04/15 05:35 PM #21    


Scott Sigel

2015 has been a bittersweet year. Our 40th reunion was a highlight. It was well attended and well received by all the folks who came far and wide for this event. Thank you to all who spent much time and effort organizing this. On another note, sadly, we have lost three classmates this year (Wayne Jason, Kevin Wingate, Kathy Ciulla) who left us too soon.  Please keep them in your thoughts. The passing of these folks once again reminds me how precious life is.

11/05/15 12:40 PM #22    


Kathy Gurnett (Brown)


This year has had some wonderful times, I just found out I'm going to be a grandma to my beautiful daughter Kelly and husband Troy Crandall's baby due next year, May, 2016!!   

Many of us are left mourning the loss of three classmates this year alone.  Please let's stick together and remain friends, near and far.  I may not have known you all, we were a very large group, but I care about you all and will always be here if any of you need anything.  I write this with a heavy heart as I think of our friend Kathy Ciulla, whom I thought the world of.  I think, If only I'd known how sick she was, but her cancer was so far advanced and she didn't want to burden anyone or even her family.  I love you sweet girl and will always think of you with a huge smile as you so freely gave to me and everyone you saw!!

RIP Kathy


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