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Welcome to our site!

Hi friends!


It was a great day for the Hardware Harry Open a tribute to classmate David Leshner and a great night for sitting by the water at O'Loughlins for the after party! The tournament was a great success and included 84 golfers many from the IHS classes of the 60's, 70's, 80's and beyond!


We have a Save the Date for our 50th reunion! We have been working diligently behind the scenes with the Links at Greystone and the St. Paul Exempt Fireman's Home to get a date that will bring the Hardware Harry Open and our 50th reunion together for one fabulous weekend. The Hardware Harry Open will precede our reunion on Thursday, July 24 and our 50th reunion will follow on Saturday, July 26, 2025! 

Get these dates on your 2025 calendars now! Plan your life around these dates! Do not let anything get in the way of these dates! This will be a weekend in Irondequoit that you won't want to miss! If you miss out on this fabulous weekend  you will regret it! Do not live with regret! Put these dates on your calendars NOW!!!

More dates to get on your calendars to finish out 2024.

Our winter holiday party will be Friday, December 6th at Whiskey River!

Our Lady Indian Luncheon is planned for Saturday, December 14th (barring any life events that would get in the way) at Jan Giovati's home as usual!


Lynn Rosik recently joined our site! Welcome, Lynn!


Visit our website at http://ihsclassof1975.com/.

Visit our Facebook page at W. Irondequoit High School Class of 1975

Your reunion team:

Sharon Keating, Alla Feldman, Janet Marzec, Sherri Cohn, Beth Gaylord, Todd Black, Jeremy Tuke, Mike Lodato, Stu Chait and Phil Parcells




Hi friends!


By Beth Gaylord Borelli:


The Hardware Harry Golf tournament is only one week away on Monday, July 8th at Greystone Golf Club. Many golfers are planning on going to O'Loughlin's after the tournament! Stop down and see some of your fellow classmates (6ish) and raise a glass to David Leshner AKA "Hardware Harry" and the reason for the fundraiser! He will always be with us!

I came across some Famous "Leshisms" amongst the reunion archives. There are too many to list, but will share a few:

Gotta do, gotta roll, gotta believe. Best in the business. Mess with me - mess with the nation. Whambalady. Call the cops. The man, the myth, the legend. Legs, lilly legs. Too much rushing. Needs a beating. I hear ya. Baby's ready for action. It's a sickness. Scamming society. Too hot for boating. Wombuck. The Bleetz. Bring it on. Crackatoa. Fromunda (cheese). Leepbalm. Rollie Herschberg. Totally Geet and the list goes on and on and on!

Thank you golfers for your contributions to Lesh's fundraiser!!! We all know he is happy to be remembered by you and all of us!

Email Todd Black at toddblack14@gmail.com for more info.


Visit our website anytime at http://ihsclassof1975.com/.

Visit our Facebook page at W. Irondequoit High School Class of 1975

Your Reunion Team: Sharon Keating, Sherri Cohn, Janet Marzec, Alla Feldman, Beth Gaylord, Phil Parcells, Mike Lodato, Stu Chait, Todd Black and Jeremy Tuke





Hi friends!

Indian Summer 49, Saturday June 15, 2024 was a huge success!!!!

"INDIAN SUMMER 49" was a HIT!!!

We have something special going on here friends! We have a recipe that works! Great friends, great food and great weather! 

All of us made this a great day!

Special thanks to Stu for cooking for all of us. It's quite a process and he goes above and beyond to produce a very tasty meal!

Thanks to everyone that brought the delicious side dishes. There was so much food and such a grand variety! The Rehbachs brought a yellow sand bucket filled with peanuts in the shell and a blue sand shovel! Such a clever idea incorporating our blue and gold school colors!

We had 6 first timers at Indian Summer 49!

Tom Cattalani, Greg Gulino, Gary Neese, Jim Rehbach, Terri Sutherland and

Jean Zollo!

The out of state mates include: Dan Brennan VA, Gary Jones FL, Gary Neese FL and Don Travis PA 

Thanks for making the trip!

Who attended on Saturday:

Dori Barberio, Mike Bellingham, Todd Black, Carol Blaze, Dan Brennan and Marianne, SueAnn Brown Kawecki and John Kawecki, Mike Butler, Bob Carvotta, Tom Cattalani, Stu Chait, Sherri Cohn and Chuck, Cindy Crary and Gary Neese, Robin Derman, Alla Feldman, Beth Gaylord and Ron, Tony Gianforte, Mitch Gissin and Joyce, Greg Gulino, Kathy Gurnett, John Heiman, Beth Herzog, Gary Jones, Sharon Keating and Dan, Bambi Kleehamer, Mike Lodato, Sharon Magin, Janet Marzec, Esther Marzouk, Vickie Marzouk, Patsy McBride, Bev McKallip Nicholson and Bob Nicholson, Sue Miller, Steve Olesiuk, Toni Oliveri and Sue, Phil Parcells, Mike Pochalski, Jim Rehbach and Joni, Rob Remilen, Nancy Sengle, Scott Sigel, Gary Spampinato, Dave Streiff, Terri Sutherland, Jeanne Travers and Dan, Don Travis and Jean Zollo



for a grand total of 57 friends at the picnic!

We can only imagine what the 50th will be like!!! Let's try to triple our Indian Summer numbers! Can we hit 150?? Let's try!!! We are working on getting a date out there so everyone can SAVE it and will have ample time to make plans.






The Hardware Harry Golf tournament will be held Monday, July 8th at Greystone Golf Club. Check our website (black column on left and click on Hardware Harry Golf) for more detailed information including pricing and what's included, 4 person scramble format, times, hole sponsorships and who to make checks payable to. It's all there! Not a golfer? Meet the golfers and friends at O'Loughlin's after the tournament approximately 6pm!

Email Todd Black at toddblack14@gmail.com for more info.


Visit our website anytime at http://www.ihsclassof1975.com/.

Visit our Facebook page at W. Irondequoit High School Class of 1975


NOTE: Please take some time to update phone numbers and email addresses on our website. If you are having trouble gaining access to our site due to forgotten passwords etc. please use the Contact Us feature on our site and an administrator will assist you. With our 50th class reunion coming up in 2025 we will need everyone to have access to our website to register for the reunion.

Let's get ahead of the game so we aren't having tons of issues at the last minute. It will be imperative to register via our website when the time comes!




Hi friends!



The last two team meetings have been held at Faircraft Brauhaus in Fairport where there has been a trivia contest. The team has won both times! Let's see if a third win is in the cards?! Go Indians!!! 


Lady Indian Luncheon Review

As usual we all had a wonderful time at Jan Giovati's home. Jan gives us a beautiful, warm and festive place to gather and renew our old friendships every year. Every year we grow in numbers. This year we had 26 attendees including Terri Sutherland coming for the first time and also coming the farthest! We collected dozens of bags of food and $220 for the Irondequoit Community Cupboard. Thank you to our fellow classmates that mailed donations for this great cause. Thank you to all who gave! We are truly a very giving class! 

Now the list:

Donna Alonzo

Carol Blaze

Sue Anne Brown

Sherri Cohn

Kim Cole

Robin Derman

Alla Feldman

Beth Gaylord

Jan Giovati

Kathy Gurnett

Sue Heiden

Jeannie Heil

Beth Herzog

Sharon Keating

Bambi Kleehamer

Betsy Kubick

Janet Marzec

Patsy McBride

Dawn McDonald

Rosemary Oliveri

Ellen Schindler

Nancy Sengle

Terri Sutherland

Jeanne Travers

Mindy Winterman

Jean Zollo

Visit our class website at http://ihsclassof1975.com/.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Happy Holidays to all!



Whiskey River Review

We had a wonderful turnout at the pub! 28 classmates and 5 spouses for a grand total of 33 friends! Several regulars to our events were not in attendance for various reasons or we would have been up to about 40 plus.

Don Travis from Pennsylvania came the farthest! Scott Sigel came as Santa Claus and passed out candy canes! There wasn't a band at the pub this year and Alla Feldman wasn't in attendance or there would have been some dancing! We had a couple of first timers including Jan Giovati and her husband Andy and Greg Gulino. Greg went to Rogers and moved after sophomore year. Friends of class of 1975 Kathy Ellis and Debbie Shepler also joined us.

Now the list:

Laurie Brayer

Sue Anne Brown (also John Kawecki's wife)

Dave Buckpitt

Stu Chait

Cindy Crary

Robin Derman

Evelyn Dunn

Kathy Ellis (friend of class of 1975)

Beth Gaylord and Ron

Jan Giovati and Andy (first timers)

Greg Gulino (first timer)

Kathy Gurnett

Jeannie Heil

Sharon Heiligman and Dan

Beth Herzog

John Kawecki (also husband of Sue Anne Brown)

Mike Lodato

Steve Olesiuk

Mike Pochalski

Rob Remilen

Karen Schwind

Debbie Shepler (friend of class of 1975)

Scott Sigel (our Santa :-))

Greg Tacconi

Jeanne Travers and Dan

Don Travis (came the farthest PA)

Marc Wasserman and Wendy

Mindy Winterman

It was a fun night! Thank you to all who attended as YOU are what makes it great!



We've chosen the date of Saturday June 15th for "Indian Summer 49" pending confirmation of the lodge which can't be reserved until January.

We hope to see you at one of these events! 


Please take some time to update phone numbers and email addresses on our website. If you are having trouble gaining access to our site due to forgotten passwords etc. please use the Contact Us feature on our site and an administrator will assist you. With our 50th class reunion coming up in 2025 we will need everyone to have access to our website to register for the reunion. Let's get ahead of the game so we aren't having tons of issues at the last minute. It will be imperative to register via our website when the time comes!




--------INDIAN SUMMER 48--------

June 17, 2023

The picnic was great! The weather was perfect along with the food and friends! We had 55 attendees, 42 classmates and 13 guests. Unfortunately, there were 13 no shows or we would have had 68. Stu did a fabulous job once again! Think about it. Planning a meal for 68 people, the grocery list, the shopping, making the sauces, borrowing smokers, loading up the vehicle, coming early to get things going, cooking and timing the food, breaking down the smokers, cleaning up, packing up the supplies and smokers, loading the vehicles, getting home and unloading it all again and returning the smokers. I'm exhausted just thinking about it! Thank you Stu. We are all unbelievably grateful for your expertise and enthusiasm for making this event happen for all of us!! We also need to thank Mike as well as he hung in there as Stu's right hand man the entire day!

Don Abbott came the farthest from Seattle, Washington and Don Travis came from Slatington, Pennsylvania.

Thanks to everyone that donated to the class! We collected $150 in the jug for future events! 

We have one more "INDIAN SUMMER" before our 50th reunion coming up in two years in 2025!! Plan ahead!!

Be well and stay healthy friends! 


Your Committee:

Beth Gaylord Borelli, Alla Feldman Levi, Jeremy Tuke, Sharon Keating Heiligman, Stu Chait, Sherri Cohn Licata, Mike Lodato, Phil Parcells.

Not photographed:

Janet Marzec Graves, Todd Black




Hi friends! February 8th 2023, Whiskey River wrap up:

Many thanks to Dan Brennan for giving us all a good reason to get out on a Wednesday night! It was a nice group that ventured out for a relaxing evening of good conversation, dinner and drinks. Thanks Dan for picking up the tab!!! The weather was mild for getting out. 45 degrees here in Rochester with no wind, rain or snow! 

Who was there:

Stu Chait, Sherri Cohn and Chuck, Dan Brennan and his sister Peggy (class of 1977), Marc Wasserman, Todd Black, Gary Jones, Kathy Gurnett, Jean Zollo, Rob Remilen, Mike Lodato, Debbie Shepler (a friend of class of 1975), Beth Borelli and Ron






Our class Holiday get together this year at Whiskey River Pub and Grill on River St was a huge success with 40 classmates, spouses and friends attending. 


Jan Giovati's famous holiday lunch was also a fabulous time. Jan certainly out does herself and creates a wonderful experience for our lady indians! Every year we get a few more lady indians to join in the fun. Ellen Schindler, Nancy Sengle and Vickie Marzouk were the newbies this year making the luncheon total 22.  Our holiday fund raiser raised $215 and 10 bags of groceries! I was overwhelmed with the donations! We even had donations from classmates that didn't attend the lunch at Jan's. Thanks fellas!


 --------- Indian Summer 47 -------

We had a great time on Saturday June 18th 2022 for "Indian Summer 47" at the Acorn Lodge In Durand Eastman Park. I think this year's picnic was the best attended reunion/picnic we have had thus far.


The food was great: pulled chicken sliders on King’s Hawaiian rolls and maple glazed salmon. Thanks to Stu Chait for bringing a portable restaurant and doing all the work cooking the main course. The dishes that classmates bought were also above and beyond. Thanks to y'all!

Here are 2 different angles on our group picture. Diffrent people are blocked, have shadows on their faces, etc.

Far left across the way back: Bob Thompson, Vickie Marzouk, Mindy Winterman, Todd Black, Roger Cowan (Ro's husband}, Scott Sigel, Stu Chait (white hat), Dan Brennan (blue hat), Mike Lodato, Jordan and Betsy Kubick, Phil Parcells, Jim Troicke, Steve Olesiuk. Middle-ish row: Plaid shirt Don Travis, Jeanne travers in the shadows, Rosemary Oliveri in front of Jeanne, Beth Herzog, Bob Nicholson, Mike Butler, John Heiman, Nancy Sengle, Esther Marzouk, Alla Feldman, Sherri Cohn, Janet Marzec, Anne Dertinger, Carol Blaze, Sue and Tony Oliveri, Dave Levine. !st row: Laura Wilder (Bob Thompson's wife), Sharon Keating, Robin Derman, Beth Gaylord, Sue Anne Brown and John Kawecki .


Also save the date July 11, 2022 for the annual

Hardware Harry open, hosted by Todd Black.

- Click the tab on the left.

Please note Todd's new email address:





Your Reunion Committee is working hard (as always 😬) as we plan our Indian Summer 47 event for this coming June 18th at the Acorn Lodge at Durand.
Stay tuned for more details and mark your calendars.



Friday December 10th at Whiskey River Pub and Grill.

We had a fantastic, fun time!





 Our picnic at Durand on Saturday August 21st 2021 was wonderful!




O'Loughlin's 7/16/21 mini reunion wrap up:

It was a nice evening. Temps in the low 70's and the rain held off!

Who came?

Mark Biernbaum, Carol Blaze, Sue Anne Brown, Chuck Coburn, Sherri Cohn/Chuck, Cindy Crary, Robin Derman, Beth Gaylord/Ron, Mitch Gissin, Brad Goater, Kathy Gurnett, John Heiman, Beth Herzog/Bob, Bob Hunt, Gary Jones, John Kawecki, Sharon Keating/Dan, Frank Levin/Shelly, Mike Lodato, Sharon Magin, Esther Marzouk, Nadia Marzouk, Vicki Marzouk, Bev McKallip, Bob Morgan, Bob Nicholson, Nancy Sengle, Scott Sigel, Dave Streiff, Jeanne Travers/Dan, Jeremy Tuke, Jim Villa/Cheryl, Marc Wasserman/Wendy, Mindy Winterman/Mike and Jean Zollo

35 classmates + 9 spouses =  44 in all!


Bev McKallip married Bob Nicholson

Sue Anne Brown married John Kawecki

Frank Levin came in from Arizona

Chuck Coburn came in from Illinois

The Marzouks are not sisters but cousins

Jeremy Tuke arrived via his classic car Modene

John Heiman restored a Lyman wooden boat named "Knot Again" and ferried classmates Sharon Keating, Bambi Kleehamer and Mike Lodato up the Genesee River to the Driving Park Falls in the morning before the mini. What a treat!

What a great class we have! We are very fortunate!

Please try to come to "Indian Summer 46"!



Be well and stay well!



12-6-19:  It was a fun night at O'Loughlin's.


If we didn't forget anyone we had 26 classmates and 5 spouses for a grand total of 31 wonderful friends!

Who was there you ask?   Let's see...

Beth Herzog    Cindy Crary    Gina Muto    Patsy McBride

Sharon Keating and Dan    Al Kerstein     Scott Sigel

Jeanne Travers and Dan    Julie Dick and Jim   Stu Chait

Steve Olesiuk  Tony Gianforte  Mitch Gissin   Mike Lodato

Kathy Gurnett     Greg Taconi     Beth Gaylord and Ron

Bev McKallip     Bob Nicholson     Janet Marzec

Marc Wasserman and Wendy   Mindy Winterman and Mike

Alla Feldman     Ray LeCesse     Wesley VanKeuren

Jeremy Tuke    Laurie Brayer






We had a fun and successful Indian Summer 44,

Saturday June 8th 2019 in Durand Eastman Park, Acorn Lodge. The weather was perfect, we had wonderful food, and lots of good new and old friends. Check back as we post more pictures from the picnic.







IHS when first built...


 IHS back in our day...


 IHS now 

 Thanks to our classmates who donated to our class via the Pay Pal website! A Class of '75 brick was purchased and installed in the IHS courtyard in 2014. Thanks to Bambi Kleehamer for the idea and to Sharon Keating for taking care of the business!






"Death can show us the way, for when we know and understand completely that our time on this Earth is limited, and that we have no way of knowing when it will be over, then we must live each day as if it were the only one we had.
Life is so fragile;

This page lists the names of our deceased alumni. We have very limited information regarding the dates or circumstances of their passing as well as where their path took them after IHS up until their passing.
If any of our information is incorrect or you have information concerning these alumni; please email me at phil.parcells@gmail.com.
We were saddened to learn of their passing; so this webpage was created so that we can pay tribute to their memory and to know that they will not be forgotten.
You may also post your memory of these classmates on their In Memory page. Click on the In Memory link at the top of the page and then click the "Post Comment" button. Please be honorable to their memory in your posts.

"To live in hearts we leave behind, Is not to die." 


 Hail, Hail Irondequoit our Alma Mater dear.
We praise thee for thy nobleness, thy honor we revere;
and though the years swiftly pass away, our love shall never die.
We have been inspired by thee the highest aims to try.
Hail, Hail Irondequoit, may sunshine fill thy halls;
and memories of thy sons and daughters echo from thy walls.
From thee we gained wisdom, honesty, leadership and skill.
Irondequoit where ere we travel, Alma Mater still.

Alma Mater from the Jim Badger collection

from the Jim Badger collection


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Thank you. Enjoy the site!!   Phil Parcells


...this is what keeps our site alive! 
Thank you to all who have contributed and continue to contribute!!


From Julie Fowler 5/22/24:

I'll miss this year's reunion, but I'll be thinking of you all. I was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer...a huge shock because I've tried to live a healthy lifestyle all my life. In hindsight, we're all at risk because so many things we use to stay healthy & protect ourselves from cancer risk contain carcinogens (titanium dioxide in daily multivitamins is just one example).

The good news is that I live with daughter Laura, who is the fiercest Mama Bear I know, and she shares my wariness of the medical community's ties to Big Pharma. We're seeing those ties in action during my oncology journey.

I believe that the reason I've had no nausea after 2 chemo treatments is the dietary supplements she recommends. We have many reasons for optimism, but we also have to balance those with the reality of statistics.

If anyone's interested, I've started an online journal through CaringBridge.org as an efficient way to stay connected to family & friends. A dear friend of ours used Caring Bridge when he was gravely ill. It's a great organization.


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