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Indian Lore

Back in late 2009 a few of us discovered Facebook and were searching and discovering IHS friends.

About the same time Gina Muto Lovullo had heard that Jeanne Travers was overwhelmed thinking about our upcoming 35th reunion. Who knew that when you became class president that you were responsible for planning what amounts to be a wedding for 500 people every 5-10 years?

On Facebook Gina was talking up our reunion trying to get people interested. She created a Facebook invitation.

Sharon Keating Heiligman and Beth Gaylord Borelli became friends on Facebook and we were making friends with other IHS folks. We thought it might be fun to set up a gathering and see what IHS friends were local and might show up. We set it up on a Friday night in February 2010 at Cam’s pizza restaurant in Irondequoit and posted it on Facebook. Cam’s is next door to the old Town Lounge which is now called Murph’s Pub.

It turned out to be a snow storm on that Friday night but eleven 1975 IHS grads showed up! Bambi Kleehamer, Sharon Keating Heiligman, Cathie Carruthers, Sharon Schwartz Dingle, Marc Wasserman, Beth Gaylord Borelli, Jeanne Travers, Robin Schneider Carlisi, Patsy McBride, Mike Lodato and Jeremy Tuke.

After we ate the group migrated over to Murph’s Pub. We had a nice time catching up and getting reacquainted. It was here that Mike Lodato proclaimed that this group was to be the new reunion committee.

We had monthly meetings at Murph’s Pub in the side room. Over time other classmates joined the call and we had quite the team to plan our 35th reunion. The names that come to mind in addition to the above are Alla Feldman Levi, Evelyn Dunn Stryker, Donna Alonzo Hutchinson, John Hart, Brian Thomas and Jan Giovati Cardot.

Sharon Keating Heiligman, Jan Giovati Cardot, Bambi Kleehamer and Donna Alonzo Hutchinson got our bank account set up. Sharon continues to maintain the bank account by making a transaction every couple of months to alleviate any charges to our account.

Bambi Kleehamer and Jan Giovati Cardot were key in getting the website set up. It went live on June 2nd 2010 just in time for the 35th reunion and we had 55 people join in the first two days! We just hit the ½ mark on February 28th 2015 with 237 logged on!

Wow! We have come a long way! If you are reading this and have not logged on please do! Maybe we will have the next 237 logged on in time for our 45th!

We have evolved since our 35th and our committee members come and go. Bambi stepped down as our website administrator in 2011 and Phil Parcells graciously stepped in. Phil brings great computer knowledge and skills to this position!

Your 40th reunion committee members are Sharon Keating Heiligman, Alla Levi Feldman, Julie Dick Fowler, Janet Marzec Graves, Beth Gaylord Borelli, Kathy Brown, Phil Parcells, Mike Lodato, Jeremy Tuke, Stu Chait and Steve Olesiuk.

We are not a closed group. The entire class was invited to the reunion committee meetings. The above names are those who had the interest and the time this particular year. All are welcome to the meetings. Inquire if interested!!!