Lady Indian Holiday Luncheon
Posted Saturday, December 6, 2014 11:39 PM

Jan Giovati Cardot hosted her 3rd annual ladies luncheon on Saturday December 6th at noon. The weather was mild, wet and no snow. The food was delicious and even though I did not attend (sick) I received a special delivery from Donna Alonzo Hutchinson with a sampling of all the goodies that Jan provided. Jan makes a delicious sausage soup and a variety of other foodstuffs! She is a great cook and so generous! I've heard that Jan will be having the luncheon's for many years to come and will put in a ramp if needed to accomodate our special needs as we age. Oh my!

The ladies who attended are:

Julie Dick Fowler

Patsy McBride

Sharon Keating Heiligman

Betsy Kubick

Rosemary Olivery Cowan

Tina Thompson Karol

Carol Blaze Johnson

Janet Marzac Graves

Donna Alonzo Hutchinson

Bambi Kleehamer

Jeanne Heil

Jan Giovati Cardot

Thanks again Jan for creating an opportunity for all of us to get together at a special time of the year!

"Indians Forever"